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Individual Counselling

First and foremost is the importance of building a warm trustworthy connection between you (the client) and your counsellor. You need to be able to tell that your counsellor ‘gets’ you. So they would take the time needed to find out who you are, what your story is, and where you would like some help. During this part we hope you will be able to gradually build trust that you are safe here from shaming or other disrespectful responses to your difficulties; that instead there is compassion and understanding of where you are coming from.

Then your counsellor would explain where they think they might be able to help, and where they would not be able to (and give any other suggestions for alternative sources of help that we can offer).

If we agree to keep seeing one another one-on-one, we would work in a flexible way tailored to your particular viewpoints and understandings. At Mindwise, we see ourselves as fellow-travellers who have made it our live’s work to acquire whatever wisdom we can, and use it to live well and offer whatever may be of use to those with whom we come in contact. In the consult room we each have a number of frameworks that we use to help us think about people, where they are getting stuck, and what might be of best use to them. Chief amongst these is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). You can read more about how we work here.

Shared Privates – Relationship Counselling

All three psychologists at Mindwise see couples at times for relationship counselling. Often part of the work involves having some separate session time with each partner, as it is one’s own behaviour over which we have the most influence! In the first instance, some couples come together, others come separately.

The joint sessions are usually 80-90 minutes allowing time to hear from each person.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga techniques can be drawn on within a regular counselling session (indeed they are indicated by many modern cognitive behavioural therapies which draw upon mindfulness and other processes that illuminate psychological insight). Not all of these involve a mat or being on the floor; but some do. If you are interested in incorporating yoga explicitly in your psychological consultations, you should book in to see Jenni Dall (who is a qualified yoga teacher as well as psychologist).

Read more about how Yoga Therapy works here.

Shared Privates – Yoga Therapy

Jenni Dall offers shared privates for some clients who wish to use yoga therapy as part of their work with her. She has found that often people do better to learn some of these skills in semi-private sessions, as many people do not require her undivided attention the whole time that they are settled in yoga postures wherein they can practice the skills of awareness training within themselves. Often a shared private format works well for initially learning the postures, alongside some individual sessions in order to hone the approach to the cognitive and emotional skills (specifically tailored to that individual) that are being practised within the context of yogic postures. 

By sharing a private with one or two other people, the total session time can be 80-90 minutes and still cost no more than the standard 50-min individual session. The extra time allows for a well-rounded session, with time for a deeper experience of the effects of yoga on the nervous system.

The shared privates require that we have somebody else currently who would prefer that format, and whose schedule allows sharing a time-slot with you, so take a little longer to organise. These shared Yoga Therapy sessions are normally arranged in sets of six, the fees payable in sets of two in advance.  But – there may well be someone already waiting to pair up with you!

Corporate events

Staying Safe & Connected - Our special arrangements under COVID-19 pandemic conditions can be found here.

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