As we launch a new era for Mindwise, Jenni Dall takes a moment to reflect on important life changes and how to best navigate them.

We Did It Through the Practice

How do you portray the meaning of the life of a person such as this? How do you convey the contribution she made to the world of yoga, and through this to humanity? How do you express the gratitude you feel, for the enormous difference she made to your own life?

Why I’m a Psychologist

Hello. My Name is Jenni Dall. I have always been interested in the bigger questions in life: Why are we here? What makes life meaningful? What is the nature of experience? Where do emotions fit into it all? My search for meaning took me to many teachers and...

Effortless Effort

When I was fourteen years old, I fell down a waterfall. This wasn't (consciously anyway) the reason I chose this photograph as the cover pic for the Mindwise Facebook page... but perhaps it played a part at some level. I think though, that it is an arresting image for...