Jenni Dall  (Principal Psychologist)

Jenni’s Values as a Therapist

Encountering each person as a human being whose joys and successes, pain and struggles, are unique; yet in another way, are just like those of all of us. Therapist/client roles are just points of view, not fixed, and certainly not value judgments. Where I have professional skills and life experience that can help shine a light, I hope to offer them humbly, flexibly, respectfully, working together to find ways to live life more skilfully.”

Anupama (Anu) Naithani  (Registered Psychologist)

Anu‘s Values as a Therapist

“Qualities that enable me to do my work with people from all walks of life: primarily, love and compassion for all, constant learning and growing, developing an ability to see each and every individual as an extension of myself.”

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Position Vacant

We are looking to expand our team to answer the demand for psychological services to be provided to our clients funded partially/wholly by Medicare, employers, private funding or insurance (workers compensation and motor vehicle accident claims).

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